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An Electric Car that Charges in just 24 Minutes Even at -20 °C!

The electric SUV Exeed Sterra ET, developed jointly by Chinese Chery and Huawei promises impressive charging performance thanks to its new-generation LFP battery and 800V arc...

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Electric Sedan from BYD for $15,000!

Electric sedan from BYD for $15,000!

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6 gün önce

Electric Sedan 2024 Toyota bZ3 is on Sale!

⚡Electric sedan 2024 Toyota bZ3 with a range of 616 km is on sale!

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Kia EV5 gets 720 km range!

Kia EV5 specs are revealed and offers range of up to 720 km.

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Geely Launched Galaxy E8 After Zeekr 007!

There is no electric sedan like this at this price! 5 meters long, 665 km range, 800 volt electrical architecture, 45 inch 8K screen.

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6 Seater Electric Minivan From Volvo: EM90

The Volvo EM90, which will be produced in China in the first place and will be released in China, will also be available in Europe in 2024.

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905 Kilometer Range EV From Chery: Exeed Sterra ES

Chery began by discussing the Sterra ES’s aerodynamic design, pointing out that it is the most roomy interior and trunk in its class in addition to being an aerodynamic ...

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80 Percent Charge In 18 Minutes | Lotus EMEYA

British sports car brand Lotus, which went through a radical transformation after being purchased by Chinese Geely, is here with a sedan for the first time in years.

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72.3 Billion Dollars Tax Incentive From China To Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle sales in China in 2024 and 2025 will be exempt from the purchase tax of 30,000 yuan (~$4,170). A 50% discount will be applied in 2026 and 2027.

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Production of the Double Charging Socket Vehicle from Mercedes and BYD

The electric SUV, which has a starting price of approximately $50,000, offers a range of 702 km on a single engine and 630 km on a double engine.

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Everything to Know About IM Motors | Alibaba-backed EV Maker

IM Motors, founded in 2020, is a joint venture between Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, the automaker SAIC Motor, and a Shanghai-based industrial zone called Zhangjiang High-...

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9 ay önce

The Time Has Come For XPeng P7i | Sales Start in March 2023

The model is exclusively offered in China for now.

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How Long Can An Electric Car Sit Without Charging?

An electric car can sit for at least two months without charging. The exact time you can leave your vehicle without charge depends highly on the charge level and weather tempe...

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Q3 Revenue of Leapmotor Rises Nearly %400 YoY

Chinese EV startup Leapmotor, who became one of the major players in the Chinese EV market at short notice, published a financial report on November 14. According to the repor...

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bir yıl önce

Zeekr Introduces 009 Model as Minivan

Zeekr, the first-class vehicle brand of Chinese Geely, introduced the 009 model, which promises a pleasant journey for large families.

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18 Most Efficient Electric Cars, According to EPA | 2023 Ranking

EPA listed the most efficient electric cars sold in US. The most efficient EVs are Hyundai’s IONIQ 6 and Tesla’s Model 3.

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First batch of Voyah FREE EVs leave China, Norway launch is imminent

Voyah FREE deliveries will soon start in Norway, as the automaker already shipped the first batch of 500 electric vehicles.

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bir yıl önce

Xpeng G9: The World’s Fastest-Charging Mass Production EV Unveiled

Xpeng confirms that G9 is based on its new X-EEA 3.0 vehicle platform, which makes it an EU-ready vehicle. Chinese firm will most likely apply for an EU Whole Vehicle Type App...

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9 Affordable Chinese EVs Available in Israel

Chinese EVs are getting highly popular in Israel. We put together a list of 9 affordable options for you to compare.

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Lightyear 0 becomes world’s most aerodynamic vehicle

Lightyear 0 becomes world’s most aerodynamic vehicle with a 0.175 drag coefficient, Dutch solar car startup announced today.

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