905 Kilometer Range EV From Chery: Exeed Sterra ES

Chery began by discussing the Sterra ES’s aerodynamic design, pointing out that it is the most roomy interior and trunk in its class in addition to being an aerodynamic sedan built on the E0X platform.

Sadrettin Akpınar

October 19, 2023 11:23 PM
Last Update: October 19, 2023 11:24 PM

An electric car with a range of 905 km is coming from Chery! But how?

Aerodynamic design: 0.205 Cd coefficient of drag

800V electrical architecture, silicon carbide inverter with 99% efficiency, 91-94% battery-to-motor efficiency ratio

30% lighter car body by combining 78 parts into 4 aluminum parts

Record energy recycling rate of 39.6% thanks to new patented braking system and intelligent regenerative braking

High-efficiency thermal management system with heat pump, saving 30% on energy consumption in winter. 9% reduction in range in winter (?)

At a press event in China, Chery announced how its upcoming electric sedan, the Sterra ES, has reached a range of 905 kilometers (CLTC).

The electric Chery, which comes with a new generation ‘Shenxing’ battery manufactured by CATL, can offer a range of over 900 km according to Chinese standards with a 100 kWh capacity LFP solution. For Europe, this range is ~800 km.

First of all, Chery mentioned the aerodynamic design of the Sterra ES, stating that this sedan developed on the E0X platform is both aerodynamic and has the largest interior volume and trunk in its class. The vehicle even surpasses the Mercedes EQS, which comes with a drag coefficient of 0.209 Cd.

The vehicle increases battery-to-motor efficiency to 91-94% with its silicon carbide chip inverter and 800V electrical architecture. It is also indispensable for new-generation electric vehicles. Additionally, the vehicle comes with an advanced heat pump thermal management system that will provide serious savings in winter. Chery claims that there will be only a 9% drop in range in winter.

Inspired by Tesla’s one-piece chassis design, Chery has managed to design a 30% lighter vehicle by combining 78 parts in the vehicle body, reducing it to 4 parts, and increasing the use of aluminum.

The Chery Sterra ES, which will break the efficiency record, will officially go on sale in China in the coming weeks. Expected to cost around 35 thousand dollars, the sedan is among the models that Chery will launch in Europe.


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