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Who Is The Leader Of The Global Electric Vehicle Market?

According to data released over the weekend, Tesla sold 889,015 fully electric vehicles in the first half of 2023.

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What is 800V Electric Vehicle? | What are the Benefits of 800V Systems?

800V or higher voltage electric vehicles are capable of delivering ultra-fast charging rates and offer higher performance while improving the efficiency of the all systems.

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Geely’s Zeekr Prepares to Sell EVs in Europe In 2023

For the following 5 years, Zeekr intends to offer one new electric model annually.

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First batch of Voyah FREE EVs leave China, Norway launch is imminent

Voyah FREE deliveries will soon start in Norway, as the automaker already shipped the first batch of 500 electric vehicles.

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9 Affordable Chinese EVs Available in Israel

Chinese EVs are getting highly popular in Israel. We put together a list of 9 affordable options for you to compare.

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Geely to Open World’s First 600 KW DC Charging Station

Geely will soon open world’s first 600 kW DC charging station in China. Chinese automaker will offer higher charging speeds with their future models.

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Which Chinese EV Brands Are Coming To United States and Europe?

In this article, we put together a list of Chinese EV brands that publicly announced their plans to enter US and European markets.

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CATL Unveils 1,000 Km EV Battery Range on One Charge

CATL, a Chinese manufacturer of traction batteries for electric vehicles, has announced a new generation of batteries called Qilin.

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Nio Building A Manufacturing Plant In The United States

Electric vehicle startup NIO Inc, which is emerging as one of Tesla’s biggest rivals in China, is reportedly looking to build a factory in the U.S.

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39 Chinese Electric Car Brands | Top Chinese EV Manufacturers

Among the best Chinese electric car brands are companies such as XPENG, NIO, Leapmotor, BYD, Volvo, Skywell…

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15 Biggest Manufacturers of EV Charging Stations

The world’s biggest EV charger manufacturers are Tesla, ABB, Star Charge, TELD, Siemens, Wallbox, Tritium, Eaton, EVBox, ChargePoint, Webasto, etc.

Gökhan Göl

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Geely starts the production of its premium electric vehicle Zeekr 001

Geely’s premium EV brand Zeekr officially started the production of its first vehicle in China. Last month, Chinese automaker announced the opening of its first facility...

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