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Ulu Motor Accelerates Electric Vehicle Investment in Turkey with Skywell!

Skywell Turkey distributor Ulu Motor wants to stand out with its electric vehicle investment and international operations in its 20th year.

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6 ay önce

Will Skywell Leave Turkey?

⚠️Is Skywell withdrawing from Turkey?

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6 ay önce

Sizable Investment of 1.6 Billion Dollars Coming to Turkey from Skywell

Skywell announced that it plans to establish a giant factory in Turkey that will initially offer a production capacity of 150,000 electric vehicles.

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8 ay önce

New Skywell ET5 Introduced | Reaching 50% Charge in 7 Minutes

The new Skywell ET5 can go from 30% to 80% charge in 7 minutes. The vehicle can also charge other electric vehicles at speeds up to 100 kW.

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25 Million Dollars Investment from Chinese EV Manufacturer Skywell to Turkey

The company will switch to 800V electrical architecture on the new generation vehicle platform, and the batteries that will be produced in Turkey as of the first quarter of 20...

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9 Affordable Chinese EVs Available in Israel

Chinese EVs are getting highly popular in Israel. We put together a list of 9 affordable options for you to compare.

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2 yıl önce

39 Chinese Electric Car Brands | Top Chinese EV Manufacturers

Among the best Chinese electric car brands are companies such as XPENG, NIO, Leapmotor, BYD, Volvo, Skywell…

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