Electric Trucks with Replaceable Batteries in 5 Mins to Come Instead of Hydrogen!

China will build a large-scale battery swap station network for heavy vehicles that will be spread across the country.

Sadrettin Akpınar

3 ay önce

What is Structural Battery, CTC/CTB? EV Battery Packs Explained

We briefly explained Tesla’s Structural Battery Pack, and Chinese automakers’ CTC (Cell-to-Chassis) and CTB (Cell-to-Body) battery packs.

Bilal Akgunduz

2 yıl önce

KYMCO Launches Battery-Swapping Electric Scooters In Europe

With Ionex recharge, riders do not need to spend extra time riding to a charging station or a swapping station.

Sadrettin Akpınar

2 yıl önce

CATL Puts First Battery-Swapping Service on the Chinese Market

Chinese battery manufacturer CATL is releasing a battery swapping service in the host country.

Sadrettin Akpınar

2 yıl önce

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