The Battery Venture to Provide A Range of 2,000 KM on A Single Charge!

Tailan New Energy, one of China’s first solid-state battery production facilities, has unveiled the first fully solid-state cell theoretically capable of providing a range of 2,000 km on a single charge.

Sadrettin Akpınar

April 4, 2024 8:52 PM
Last Update: April 4, 2024 8:52 PM
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With an energy density of 720 Wh/kg, the lithium metal cell features a lithium and manganese-based mixture on the cathode side, while being a solid electrolyte lithium-metal type solution, eliminating safety issues unlike lithium-ion cells.

Tailan, which completed the second phase that will increase its capacity to 2 GWh at its Chongqing factory by the end of 2023, is also building a massive 10 GWh facility in China’s Anhui province. Mass production of semi-solid-state cells with an energy density of around 400-500 Wh/kg is already underway.

While fully solid-state lithium metal solutions, like those from Tailan, currently seem unlikely to replace lithium-ion cells due to their high cost, they are expected to rapidly decrease in price in the coming years.

Electric vehicle manufacturer #NIO, which is beginning to offer a semi-solid-state battery option providing 360 Wh/kg energy density, promises a range of 1,000 km on a single charge with this battery. However, it’s worth noting that the battery alone is more expensive than a mid-range car.

If the Chinese venture succeeds in commercializing this battery promising a density of 720 Wh/kg, its use in the aviation sector will become possible. Another potential application would be military systems.


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