Why Does Farasis Make a Loss?

The company has been making losses since 2020 when it was opened to the stock market. It also reported serious losses in 2023, including Siro. However, there are promising inv...

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6 ay önce

Sodium Battery To Be Charged In 6 Minutes!

Sodium battery that can be charged in 6 minutes is coming!

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6 ay önce

BYD Laid 1.4 Billion Dollar Giant Sodium Battery Factory!

BYD laid the foundation of the giant sodium ion battery factory, which it announced last year that it would establish together with Chinese micro electric vehicle manufacturer...

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7 ay önce

First Car With Solid State Sodium Battery To Come

The battery and charging performance of Nammi 01 is eagerly awaited. It will also be sold in a cheaper version with LFP battery.

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8 ay önce
Ekran Resmi 2023-07-18 10.20.07

Electric Dacia Sandero Officially Confirmed

The technical details of Sandero, which will be completely electric in the fourth generation, are not yet clear.

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bir yıl önce

Farasis Unveils ‘Super Pouch’ Battery Cell, 400 KM Range in 10 Minutes

Farasis is switching to CTP (Cell-to-Pack) battery design with bigger pouch cells. This new design will allow EVs using the latest cells from Farasis to travel up to 400 kilom...

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2 yıl önce

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