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Hydrogen BMW IX5 Test Fleet Officially on Roads!

Hydrogen BMW IX5 test fleet is officially available!

Sadrettin Akpınar

3 ay önce

Is The Hydrogen Powered V8 Engine Car Real?

Is this hydrogen-burning eight-cylinder car real?

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4 ay önce

Hyundai to Introduce its New Hydrogen Vehicle in 2025!

Hyundai announced that its new vehicle will be launched in 2025.

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4 ay önce
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Toyota Abandons Hydrogen Car

Toyota’s top technology executive Hiroki Nakajima, has acknowledged the failure of the hydrogen fuel cell car.

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7 ay önce
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Porsche Starts E-Fuel Production in Chile

Carbon-neutral fuels can be used in place of gasoline without requiring engine alteration.

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bir yıl önce

Honda Introduces the First Electric SUV Prologue in 2024

Today, Honda unveiled the exterior and interior design of the brand-new Honda Prologue battery-electric SUV, which will be on sale in North America in 2024.

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2 yıl önce

Remarkable Solutions for EVs are Revealed by Bosch at the Detroit Auto Show

The company showcases industry cooperation at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab.

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2 yıl önce

Fully Electric RVs Are On The Way With More Challenges

With the Rivian R1T and R1S, and the Ford F-150 Lightning, an endless stream of electric trucks and SUVs has already been underway, prompting consumers to think of emission-fr...

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2 yıl önce

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