Hyundai Ioniq 5 Long Range RWD


Hyundai Ioniq 5 Long Range RWD



$ 64,900


77.4 kWh


480 km


217 HP


16.1 kWh / 100 km


%10-80: 18 minutes

Highlighted Features


    Power and Speed

    Engine Power

    217 HP (159 kW)


    350 Nm

    Max. Speed

    185 km/h

    0-100 km/s

    7.4 s

    Number of Engines

    Single Motor

    Driving System


    Engine Type

    Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

    Battery and Charge


    77.4 kWh


    480 km (298 miles)

    DC Charge Rate

    220 kW

    AC Charge Rate

    0 kW

    DC Charge Time

    18 minutes

    AC Charge Time

    Urban Consumption


    Suburban Consumption


    Avg. Consumption

    16.1 kWh/100km

    Average MPGe




    0 kg


    4635 mm


    1890 mm


    1605 mm

    Luggage Volume

    527 litre

    Extra Features

    Vehicle Type

    Electric SUV

    Year of Production


    Autonomous Driving

    Production Place

    South Korea



    About Hyundai Ioniq 5 Long Range RWD

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 is the Korean carmaker’s first ever fully dedicated battery electric car. It is built on a unique platform, e-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform) developed by Hyundai and Kia together.

    Compared to Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2, Ioniq 5 looks like a boxy hatchback, Hyundai calls it a crossover. Fastest Ioniq 5 can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds. It has a moveable center console on the inside, safety features like blindspot indicator, lane keeping, and remote parking capabilities.

    Ioniq 5 Performance

    Ioniq 5 has two battery pack options, Standard Range version offers 58 kWh capacity, whereas Long Range models will be equipped with a 77.4 kWh battery. Hyundai also offers two drivetrains for both of these battery options. RWD has a single electric motor and up to 217 horsepower. Those who wants to get more power will choose the AWD option for dual motors and up to 306 HP. It can tow a caravan up to 1,600 kilos of weight.

    The stalk behind the steering wheel allows driver to easily change gear, put the vehicle on parking mode etc. Ioniq 5’s smooth driving experience will improve with very clever blindspot indicator feature. Whenever you put an indicator on, cameras from the each side of the vehicle will show you the blindspots, making Ioniq 5 much more safer to drive. There’s also a head-up display (HUD) that includes the vehicle’s speed, navigation etc.

    Ioniq 5 Design and Features

    In terms of appearance, Hyundai Ioniq 5 looks like a hatchback, but it’s actually a crossover, or an all-electric CUV. When Hyundai designed the new Ioniq 5, they took a lot of inspiration from the first vehicle they actually manufactured. It is the Hyundai Pony from the 1980s. It has got a very interest retro design, standing out from the crowd with its boxy shape. The headlights and taillights which use square shaped LEDs are also retro styled.

    In profile, Ioniq 5 has an enormous wheelbase of over three meters, longer than a Range Rover Sport, which give this electric Hyundai plenty of space inside.

    On the front of the vehicle, there is a little frunk, enough for a few grocery bags or a backpack, not even close to the capacity Teslas and Ford Mustang Mach-E offer.

    The interior of the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 is as unique as its exterior design. Modular design allows Hyundai to equip its new vehicle with two 12 inch displays, one for the full-touch infotainment system, and the other acting as a digital gauge cluster. Thanks to its long wheelbase and flat floor, Ioniq 5’s center console can slide back almost 15 centimeters, creating a spacious car experience for the driver and passengers.

    The Ioniq 5 got five USB ports, a 220V outlet for any tools and gadgets you want to power, a glove draw instead of a traditional glovebox, seats that can be almost fully recline, Bose sound system etc.

    Ioniq 5 Range and Charging

    Ioniq 5 has the fastest charging technology in its segment. There are two charging systems, 400 volt and 800 volt electrical arcitectures available for the Ioniq 5. With the highest setup, all-electric CUV can be charged with 350 kW DC plugs, from 10 to 80 percent in roughly 18 minutes.

    There is also the V2L (Vehicle to Load) feature that turn Ioniq 5 into a power source for your electronic devices, and simple tools that can be powered via a simple outlet. It allows a charging speed up to 3.6 kW. It is even possible to charge another electric vehicle with Hyundai Ioniq 5.