The Electrified Coupe-SUV | 2024 Peugeot 3008 And E-3008

The e-3008 and the e-5008, two new electric SUVs from Peugeot, will be on sale early the following year. The company has also provided a sneak preview of its next line-up of custom EVs.

Sadrettin Akpınar

April 2, 2023 12:43 AM
Last Update: April 2, 2023 12:43 AM

Peugeot struck the mark with the 3008, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular cars in Europe’s fiercely competitive compact SUV segment. The third-generation E-3008 is anticipated to debut later this year, despite the second generation receiving a makeover in 2020 and mild hybrid powertrains in 2023.

The latest 3008 made its debut back in 2016, and it marked a dramatic shift from the minivan it replaced. With Peugeot’s distinctive LED fangs added during the 2020 facelift, the SUV gained in attractiveness. Yet as time goes on, so do the trends in vehicles that call for higher-riding SUVs to have more contoured bodies and sportier attitudes. Peugeot will convert the third-generation 3008 into a coupe SUV just like this.

The E-3008 Will be Sportier Than  Its Predecessor 408 Fastback

The newly designed tail will be the focal point of the new model, changing the proportions and allowing it to compete with more expensive rivals. The 3008 will appear sportier than the 408 fastback despite being somewhat taller and slightly longer than it. The revamped design will also make distinguishing the 3008 from its boxier 5008 sibling’s successor easier.

The character line will be simpler and straighter, and the roofline will be more slanted towards the back. It wouldn’t be shocking if Peugeot reduced the amount of plastic used to cover the bodywork to make the SUV appear more upscale and less daring.

Like other Peugeot models, the smaller LED taillights with three-claw designs are expected to be joined by a dark-tinted trim piece. The duo-tone approach with the black-painted roof and pillars will likely be carried over to the following generation, while new wheel designs and a fresh color palette might spice up the aesthetics even more.

The future model is expected to get bigger in line with the SUV trend, leaving a more significant gap between it and the soon-to-be facelifted 2008, which has a length of 4.300 mm/169.3 inches. The length of the present 3008 is 4.447 mm/175.1 inches, and the upcoming version is expected to be significantly longer. Despite its coupe-SUV look, this size increase will improve the car’s proportions and give more space for passengers and baggage.

The New STLA Medium Architecture Will Debut With the New 3008 As Its Initial Model

The new Peugeot 3008 will be the first vehicle to ride on the new STLA Medium architecture, the company has officially announced. In the second half of 2023, the electric E-3008 will make its debut, shortly followed by the bigger and mechanically similar E-5008. Peugeot will still provide other choices in the form of electrified powertrains for some areas that are not yet fully prepared for EVs, even if the zero-emission powertrains will be the major emphasis of the new generation.

In comparison to the present EMP2 platform, which supports the Peugeot E-308 and many other Stellantis EVs, the STLA Medium architecture is anticipated to deliver increased technological capabilities on the electric front in terms of power output and range. More precisely, Peugeot will provide customers with a choice of three distinct electric powertrains for the E-3008, with an emissions-free range of up to 700 km/440 miles.


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