How to Turn Off Tesla Model 3/Y | Different Methods You Can Try

There are three ways that you can use to turn off your Tesla Model 3/Y. You need to follow a number of steps to fully power off a Tesla vehicle.

Bilal Akgunduz

March 20, 2023 3:39 PM
Last Update: March 20, 2023 3:42 PM

Tesla drivers might encounter different problems every day. Because electric cars are fundamentally different in almost any aspect of the car concept compared to traditional combustion engine cars. Take this for an example; do you know how to turn off your Tesla? You probably don’t know the answer because your Tesla does that for your automatically every single day. In this article, we dig into the details of turning off/powering off a Tesla Model 3/Y.

Method 1: Leave Your Car Parked

By simply leaving your Tesla parked will do the trick. On a typical day/or night, you don’t need to press any button or do something special to power off your Tesla Model 3/Y. Here are the instructions:

– Park your vehicle wherever you see fit.

– Put your Tesla into Park mode by pressing the button on the end of the drive stalk behind the steering wheel.

– Take your phone key, key fob, or key card with you and leave the car.

– The car will automatically turn itself off when you’re far enough.

Method 2: Manually Turn Off Your Tesla Model 3/Y

Electric cars are like computers and stuff. You can’t expect them to fully turn themselves off by just switching off the ignition. In order to (almost) fully turn off your Tesla and reduce the battery drain to a bare minimum, disable these features and follow the steps below.

– Disable these features;

  • Dog Mode
  • Sentry Mode
  • Remote features such as Smart Summon, etc.

– Put your Tesla Model 3/Y into Park mode.

– Go to the Controls menu on the touchscreen.

– Touch Safety, then turn the ‘Power Off’ toggle off.

– Do not touch the touchscreen or press the brake pedal.

– The car will turn itself off immediately.

Method 3: Don’t Touch Anything

Tesla surely knows that their drivers will find it hard to turn off a Tesla the traditional way they used to on an ICE car. In order to make things easier for Tesla owners, there are some precautions. Here are the details regarding Tesla Model 3/Y automatically turning themselves off:

– Tesla vehicles can automatically determine that their drivers are exiting the vehicle (by stopping and unbuckling the seat belt).

– When a Model 3/Y detects its owner left the vehicle, it will automatically shift into park and turn itself off.

– The car will be turned off after 30 minutes of no use, even if you don’t leave your Tesla.

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